Intensive CBT Program

CBT Program

Offering a two-week accelerated program
for Anxiety & OCD

Intensive CBT treatment is a highly specialized form of concentrated and accelerated therapy that directly targets your specific anxiety using concrete tools and strategies. It is a short-term, 2-week program in which you meet 1-on-1 with a team of qualified clinicians. Prior to starting the formal 2- week treatment program, you will complete a 2-hour assessment and 1-hour treatment planning session with your assigned senior clinician to determine your clinical diagnoses, create a personalized treatment plan, and ensure that this format of treatment is a good fit for your needs.

We believe that this high-dose treatment program can jump start your treatment, get you back on track, give you strong foundational CBT knowledge and practice, and teach you to become your own CBT therapist. It offers a more intensive dose of treatment than traditional weekly outpatient therapy, while keeping you in your home setting to practice the new skills and exposures in your own environment.

Program Benefits

By the end of the intensive program, you should expect to:

  • Have a clear understanding of your symptoms & diagnoses
  • Understand your cycle of anxiety & how to break free
  • Have completed 10+ hours of supervised exposures and 10+ hours of independent exposures
  • Experience significant symptom reduction and/or improved functioning
  • Know concrete strategies to continue working on your anxiety

Who Is This Program For?

Adults and older adolescents (age 16+) with the following diagnoses:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia (fear or avoidance of places that may trigger panic)
  • Specific phobia
  • Social anxiety disorder

The patients who are most suitable for this intensive format are: motivated and willing to experience short-term discomfort and anxiety, presently avoiding situations/activities, medically stable, do not have severe depression, are not actively suicidal, do not experience hallucinations or delusions, and do not have severe substance use.

Patients who may find intensive treatments especially valuable are those who:

  • Want to accelerate their treatment gains
  • Have time constraints or a busy schedule and need to make progress quickly
  • Need to directly target their avoidance or compulsions
  • Are unable to attend ongoing weekly therapy sessions
  • Have difficulties making progress in traditional weekly therapy
  • Do not have access to other forms of treatment

Program Details

Our intensive program provides structured cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP). The program includes 18 hours of 1-on-1 personalized therapy, in person and via telehealth, as follows:

  • 2-hour comprehensive assessment with the senior clinician (with a 1 to 2-page written report)
  • 1-hour personalized treatment planning meeting with the senior clinician
  • 4 hour-long meetings with the senior clinician to teach skills, plan and revise treatment, and monitor progress
  • 11 hours of supervised in-person exposures with a qualified exposure therapist at a location of your choosing (e.g., office, in- home, community)

In addition, personalized exposure assignments will be assigned daily to be completed independently between sessions to maximize your learning and progress.

Exposures can be conducted at the location where your anxiety occurs and interferes (e.g., home environment, out in the community) to give you maximal benefits that extend beyond the therapy office. All exposures are agreed upon collaboratively and you will never be forced to conduct an exposure to which you do not agree. Note: Exposures can be conducted virtually, if preferred.

Program Director

Dr. Bethany Shikatani, Director of the Intensive CBT Program